Training is alpha and omega of happy coexistence with your four-legged buddy. Even with all your effort you can‘t remove your dog’s problematic behaviour and problem starts to graduate? Let's find the solution. 


If you solve similar problems with your dog, he/she doesn’t listen to you, he/she is aggressive, he/she regularly damages your stuff..... do not hesitate to contact me.

❓what I can recommend to you?

Based on entrance individual consultation I’ll recommend one of these variants to you :

✔️individual training or training in a group of other dogs (45 minutes)

✔️reeducation = training without owner (one hour, half a day, multi-day training)

✔️reeducation – composite template


Besides mentioned services I am ready to help you with:


✔️puppy’s proper socialisation

✔️obedience and controllability in daily life

✔️how to understand a dog – most problems are connected with incomprehension in mutual communication                                                  so I am mainly focused on this frequently forgotten part

✔️problematic behaviour – immoderate barking, tugging on a leash, problems with separation, fright and                                                    aggression