❓what I can offer to you?

✔️individual training (running, fitness training, canicross)

✔️analysis of running technique

✔️training plan’s consultations

✔️consultations about anything involved in running

✔️online Run Class training plan

Run Class is 4 weeks long online training with individual approach and is focused on approval of your running skills in agility and canicross.


You can find actuall trainings on

❓how it works?
✔️ individual training plan based on input information and results will be prepared for each participant. Individual needs and time possibilities will be taken into consideration.
✔️ each participant will be added in secret group where the movies are posted 
✔️feedback for all participants and possible discussion about training 


❓what you can find in the movies?
✔️correct warm up / cool down before and after each training
✔️basics of running alphabet and correct running techniques
✔️running exercises to increase your speed
✔️ strengthening exercises
✔️more movies with running topics and tips for training


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