Day care arised from owner’s demand for complex supply of services, which includes not only day care, but more activities applicable directly to their dog.


❓how it works with Day Care?

✔️mornings pick up of your dog at the location you‘ll closer specify

✔️socialization with other dogs

✔️walking, running, bikejoring

✔️obedience training (based on specific agreement with the owner)

✔️afternoons/evenings dropping off back to your location 

Furthermore I offer multi-day care.

We are not a classic hotel. We offer family care with a whole day activities, prepared with conformity of your dog's needs.


❓what we ensure of multi-day care?

✔️whole day supervision

✔️individual approach

✔️walking three times a day 

✔️physical activities (walking, running, bikejoring)

✔️possibility to extand services to include training or other activities