1/ Individual consultation


During consultations we’ll discuss and evaluate situations, which bother you in relationship with your dog. We will focus on :


  • your ideas of ideal dog’s behaviour

  • building a plan to achieve your requirements

  • problem analysis


Main task – find the solution phased into several moments followed by my feedback


2/ Training


Training is alpha and omega of happy coexistence with your four-legged buddy. It happens, that even with all your effort you can‘t remove your dog’s spurious behavior and problem starts to gradate.


If you solve similar problems with you dog, he doesn’t listen to you, he is aggresive, he regularly damages your stuff,..., do not hesitate to contact me. I offer sollutions for all these situations.


Based on entrance individual consultation I’ll recommend one of these variants to you :


  • individual plus team training (45 minutes)

  • reeducation = training without owner (one hour, half a day, multi-day training)

  • reeducation – composite template



Instead of mentioned services I am ready to help with :


  • training from birth, puppy’s proper socialisation

  • obedience and controllability in daily life

  • How to understand a dog – most problems are connected with incomprehension in mutual communication – I mainly focus on this frequently forgotten part.

  • Spurious behaviour – immoderate barking, tugging on a leash, problems with separation, fright and aggression)


You can also visit one of my courses : 

Training schedules :





3/ Day care


Day care arised from owner’s demand for complex supply of services, which includes not only day care, but more activities applicable directly to their dog. Day care service includes :


-mornings‘ pick up of your dog at the location you‘ll closer specify

-socialization with other dogs

-walk, run out at the bicycle

-obedience training ( based on specific agreement wit the owner)

-afternoons/evenings bringing your dog back to your location 


Furthermore I offer multi-day care.


We are not a classic hotel. We offer family care with a whole day program. We’ll prepare fitted activities for each dog.


In terms of multi-day care we ensure :


-whole day supervision

-individual approach

-walking three times a day 

-physical activities (walk, run out at the bicycle)

-possibility to extand services to include training or other activities



4/ Sports with dogs


If you want to do sports with your buddy ( agility, canicross, bikejoring, scootering), contact me. I’d like to tell you more about training’s options.


Team and individual trainings overview is mentioned below.



5/ Fitness training for whippers


a)online RUNCLASS course


 b) individual training

- analysis of running technique

- training plan’s consultations

- consultations about anything involved in running


Training schedules


Education and practice

Převýchova psů 


Máte problem se svým psem, neposlouchá vás, je agresivní, ničí vám věci apod..?

Nabízím konzultace, individuální trénink, převýchovu a mnoho dalšího pro odstranění problému a zlepšení vztahu s vaším psem.

Agility, bikejoring, canicross


Láká vás některý z uvedených sportů nebo jste již pokročilý tým a hledáte pravidelný trénink? Veškeré informace, přehled tréninků, workshopů a dalších akcí najdete ZDE

Kondiční příprava psovodů


Chcete zrychlit v agility nebo canicrossu, připravit se na půlmaraton nebo si jen zlepšit kondičku? Více o tréninku se dozvíte ZDE